Here is more information about the workshops that will be held at the 222nd Annual Meeting of the Vermont Conference, UCC. Workshop signups will take place at check-in at Lake Morey Resort.

Friday Workshop Descriptions (PDF)

Environmental Ministry & Creation Care with Fred Taylor, Judi Joy and Rev. Steve Blackmer
Biblical Storytelling in Worship with Rev. Bert Marshall
Congregational Singing with Paul Vasile
Unpacking the Gifts-Lay Empowerment Curriculum with Rev. Lucia Jackson and Rev. Amanda Swoyer
General Synod 101 with Rev. Dr. Marisa Laviola and Jeanne Zammataro
The Changing Face of Mission with Toni Reynolds
New England Hidden Histories Project with Dr. James F. Cooper

Saturday Workshop Descriptions (PDF)

A Conversation with Rev. Emily Heath moderated by Rev. Mary Kay Schueneman
Congregational Singing
with Paul Vasile

Demonstrating Radical Hospitality in Unwelcome Times with Rev. Earl Kooperkamp and Rev. Debbie Ingram
Spiritual Autobiography with Lynn Bujnak
Gun Violence Prevention: How to Have a Congregational Conversation with the Gun Violence Task Force
Nature Walk (weather permitting) with Rev. Daniel Cooperrider
Intergenerational Worship with Rev. Katelyn Macrae
Advancing the Sanctuary Movement Today with Lucy Samara & Mark Oettinger, Esq.